February Day Workshop – Cupid in Acrylic-

Just in time for Valentines Day, this Acrylic Painting Workshop of Cupid and Psyche will introduce you to an understanding of complex forms, gesture and the mastery of subtle colour by shading.  Re-paints of old-master paintings is the fastest way to learn and the surest way for a painter to improve. We will be using the wonderful painting of William-Adolphe Bouguereau – as our guide and from there the magic begins.

finished piece

When:  Wednesday, February 11

Time:   9:00am to 2pm ( Bring your lunch)

Where: Romantic Designs Artist Studio  – 120 Wellington Street

Cost: $40 ( includes all supplies )

Payment :  Paypal, Visa, MasterCard and Cash

Register: by phone 519-860-6851 or by email studio@romanticdesigns.ca



Making Faces in Polymer Clay – Workshop

 What:  Learn the basics of sculpting faces in Polymer Clay. In this evening workshop, Sharon Brassard will walk you through the steps of building a head and mapping the face.

When: Wednesday, January 21,

Time: 6 -9:30pm

Cost: $40 ( all supplies included)

Register by phone  519-860-6851  or email.  Payment – Cash, Visa, MasterCard

ALL -ABOARD – OOAK Polymer Clay Sculpture


THE ICE PRINCESS -OOAK Polymer Clay Sculpture


Fantasy Art Drawing – THE DRAGON

Calling all Dragon slayers and lovers of ‘everything ‘DRAGON!

Dragons are one of the famous mythical creatures from ancient mythology. Some are portrayed as being beautiful friendly beasts of the skies and some are portrayed as fire breathing evil creatures.

In this Drawing Workshop you will be taught how to draw the dragon skeleton, muscles, head and majestic body based on realistic anatomy. How long is the tail? How many claws do they have? Then using some basic drawing techniques hatching, cross-hatching, contour-hatching, scumbling and stippling you will create gradient and texture to make your dragon look real and adapting the rules to your own imagination.

Dragon_Ink copy

When:  Saturday, January 17th

Time: 9-5

Cost:  $80 ( Includes all supplies)

Where: Romantic Designs Art Studio – 120 Wellington Street,  St. Thomas

To Register – 519-860-6851