RAILWAY CITY ARTS CRAWL another success story at Romantic Designs Artist Studio

Well they came out in “packs”!

havin fun

Husbands, Wives, Mothers, Sisters…..everyone was having fun

more havin fun

Each little painting was an original

During the Annual two day Railway City Arts Crawl , Romantic Designs Artist Studio saw over 300 visitors. The free “make and take” was also a “winner” with over 50 little alcohol and ink Paintings being produced.

What was really amazing was the distance that people had traveled to take in the local Arts Crawl. Romantic Designs Studio had visitors from London, Byron, Alymer, Woodstock, Brantford and Ingersoll. We asked how they heard about the event? ” We saw it on Facebook or the Internet.”

Sharon talking to visitors

Sharon Brassard ( in house Artist) talking to visitors about the Studio concept.

Clifford Crabe

Clifford Crabe – Pencil Crayon Artist was just one the five Artists that joined us for the weekend.

Henry one

Henry Komarek – Acrylic on Stone Artist

Wow! I guess promoting on the web really works.

Beautiful weather

Everyone loved the spacious free parking and the beautiful weather.

Sharon Brassard wins Honors Ribbon at the 2015 BRUSH AND PALETTE ART SHOW

Sharon Brassard from Romantic Designs ( St.Thomas) was awarded a HONORS Ribbon at the 2015 BRUSH AND PALETTE Art Show in London, Ontario for her mixed media painting THE WALL.  Inspired by the series Game of Thrones; the acrylic painting depicts Castle Black and the great ice wall that protects the other kingdoms. The judge complimented her choice of media to create an “ice like” landscape and feeling of isolation.

This was Sharons’ first time participating in the Brush and Palette Art Show.

THE WALL Honours Ribbon 2015