MEDIEVAL FEAST in the Brassard Gardens

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Preparing for The Medieval Feast held at our home for friends and family – July 23, 2016

some Guests

Guest arriving



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With one of the hottest temperatures forecast for the day we decided to put the dinner tent under the carport. The breezeway was wonderful!

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Everyone loved the each and every course with special “likes” on the MEAD WINE.

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Surprisingly, after the meal the Gardens had a nice breeze blowing through and our guest enjoyed relaxing after their meal.

No OPEN STUDIO February 25

Arts Crawl 2014 spring This weekend is THE ARTS CRAWL – the St.Thomas Studio Tour and Romantic Designs Artist Studio is getting ready to host 5 visiting Artists as well as Dan and myself.  We want to look our best as we expect the turn out to be just as good as last year …if not better.

So we have cancelled our regular OPEN STUDIO for this Thursday.

Feel free to join us next week when we continue to have Open Studio from 1-4.