Culture Days St.Thomas is a wirlwind of Creativity and Exploration. 3 Days of FREE interaction with the Arts and local Artists. Libraries, Studios and local Arenas are inviting the public to come and participate in theraputic, fun Programs. ROMANTIC DESIGNS ARTIST STUDIO is again a HUB of Activity. Check out all the Mini Workshops we are offering at and on our Facebook page.

Summer Classes Begin!

Just a few of our upcoming Summer classes – be sure to register early and avoid full classes. Check Calendar of Classes for times and dates of classes.

Sculpting a Mermaid POWERTEX
Sculpting CHICKEN LITTLE in Powertex
Painting with a Palette Knife THE RED UMBRELLA
THE GARDEN GATE Watercolour Paint Class

Learn to Sketch #1

“I can paint but I can”t draw…”is something we hear a lot. Join us May 23 for a Learn to Sketch Workshop. In this 31/2 hour class students will be introduced to the basic stepping blocks when learning to sketch.

Thursday May 23 6pm to 9:30pm Cost: $45 ( includes all supplies)

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sketching out an idea
figurative drawing